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News5 January 2023

2022 Highlights

Zip Through 2022 Header
What a tree-rific year! Thank you to everyone who bounced, swung, scrambled, zipped and flew with us in 2022!
Here’s a little wrap up of Treetops Adventure this year;
  • 360,000+ of you soared through the treetops in 2022!
  • We celebrated 1,500+ birthday parties Treetops style
  • 400+ Early Bouncers jumpstarted their love for the outdoors at Networld at Central Coast (these are our little 1-5 yr olds)
  • We had 12 sightings of the incredibly rare Dengrolagus Bennettianus! (A.K.A Tree-Kangaroo)
  • We branched out to Far North Queensland and opened our 15th Park all the way up in Cape Tribulation
What were your highlights of 2022? We hope a Treetops Adventure made your list!