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Tree Ropes Courses
The standard entry price covers a 2.5 hour session including equipment hire, training and use of all the courses for which you qualify. Minimum age to participate is 3yrs old. The session kicks with harnessing and training at the time of your booking, so we do ask that check-in 15 minutes prior to this time.

During a session the average customers complete 2 or 3 courses dependent on individual capability and traffic during peak days.

Instructors will remain on the ground keeping a watchful eye as you trek through the trees, but you will be climbing independently with our state of the art interlocking safety system.

There is one park location with a Zipcoaster. The Xpress Zipcoaster ticket (Western Sydney) will cover a 1 hour time slot, where you can have as many rides as you can fit into 1 hour within your group.

The entry price covers a 2 hours session including a short safety briefing. Minimum age to participate is 3 yrs old for a regular session. Our special Early Bouncer sessions are for children 1-5 yrs old, and their carers only.


No. Treetops Adventure locations do not charge entry fees, and it is free for spectators to visit, with the exception of:

Nowra Park
Entry to the Shoalhaven Zoo is not included in the Treetops Adventure ticket. Our guests are entitled to a 10% discount on the zoo tickets. Simply ask us at check-in for a discount voucher to present at the zoo!

Yanchep Park
As we are located within the Yanchep National Park, entry fees per car load are required to enter the park and this is not included in the Treetops Adventure ticket. You can find more information on their website by clicking here for more info or info on their annual passes here.


Yes, bookings are essential! We only have an allocated number of climbers up at one time so you can enjoy your time in the trees. We highly recommend making a booking in advance to avoid disappointment. Bookings can be made online and payment is required to make the booking.


Participants are required to wear secure, enclosed shoes (such as sneakers), in order to participate. We recommend weather appropriate clothing, suitable for both the harness and physical activity. We do not recommend crop-tops, shorts and skirts that can ride up when worn with the harness. Long hair must be tied back. Gloves are provided but you’re welcome to bring your own gloves or purchase your own pair at check-in.


We are an all-weather activity, with the rain just being an added challenge to your climb. Please make sure you bring wet weather gear if the day it set for possible rain, maybe a change of clothes for the trip home. It can get muddy here along the paths, so avoid wearing your favourite outfit. Treetops Adventure will only close during thunderstorms and strong winds. Please refer to our refund policy in our terms of use page.


To help keep all our participants safe, it is important that we have adult supervision for each age group. We recommend having adults who maintain a reasonable level of fitness as the higher courses can be physically demanding. Our instructors will be ready to assist on the course at any time.

Please note: Hollybank and Cape Tribulation have different supervision ratios than below. Please visit the Park Location pages for these ratios.

Juniors 3– 7yrs: Onsite Adult supervision is required from the ground. Require This adult has free entry and we highly recommend having a separate non-paying adult who can walk around to supervise this age group. Adults and Grown-Ups are not permitted onto the Junior Courses.

Children 8-10yrs: Participating Grown-Up Course Supervision is required, at a ratio of 1 Grown-Up to 4 Children.

Children 11-15yrs: Onsite Adult Supervision required, climbing recommended.

Grown-Ups 16 – 17yrs: Onsite Adult Supervision is required for 16 & 17 yr olds.

All climbers under 18 years old will still need an Adult (18+) onsite and supervising from the ground and all Digital Waivers must still be signed by an Adult (18yrs+).


We’ve built our courses to challenge each age group at their own skill level. However, if you have a combination of Junior (3-7yrs) and Child (8-10yrs) climbers and you want them to all climb together, you can do the following:

NSW Parks: Book them both as Juniors and they can climb the Junior Courses together.

All other locations: Please contact your park to discuss options. Some Junior courses are not suited to children over 8 due to course height limits.

Please note this is recommended for younger children only (aged 8 or 9yrs old) as 10yr olds+  will most likely find the Junior courses too easy for them. Children on Junior courses must be wary of our littlest climbers, and be patient on the courses.


Yes! Waivers are required for each visit. Our courses may have changed between your visits and equipment varies per park, so completing training ensures you’ve been updated on any changes.

Please don’t hesitate to let our instructors know you’ve been to a Treetops Adventure park before! We will do our best to help you get to the courses you’re looking to do on your return visit.

View our Waivers here.


Lockers are free to use but have limited space for mainly small and compact items. It’s best to avoid large bags. We recommend bringing along only what you need for your session.

Still unsure? Feel free to give our parks a call and our team can give you a hand. We’ll see you at the top!


Weight Requirements

Yes, we do have a maximum weight to participate. The courses are based on the age of the participant, and each participant must be of age to attempt the course.

Activity weight requirements are as follows:

  • Tree Ropes Courses – 120kg Max
  • Zipcoaster – Min 25kg- 120kg Max
  • Zipline Tour (Cape Tribulation) – 120kg Max
  • Zipline Tour (Hollybank) -130kg Max
  • Segway – 117kg Max

Height Recommendations

While we do not have a height requirement for participation, we recommend checking our minimum reaching height guide for each park. This will be a sign located at each Treetops Adventure Park Reception or Home Tree.

Reaching height measurements should be taken with flat feet on the ground to the middle of the palms, while arms are stretched up above the participant’s head.

If a participant’s reach is less than the minimum reaching height, we strongly recommend booking an additional person, who exceeds the minimum reaching height, to climb together and assist them on the course.

For the Junior Yellow and Orange courses, the additional person can only be another Junior. There is no Adult or Grown-Up access on these courses, due to lower course height.

Height recommendations per course colour are as follows. 

  •       Junior – Yellow: 3-7 years old and 120cm tall
  •       Junior Pro – Orange: 3-7 years old and 120cm tall
  •       Beginner/Intermediate – Green/Blue: 8+ and 145 cm tall
  •       Advanced – Red: 10+ and 155 cm tall
  •       Expert – Black: 13+ and 170 cm tall

As much as we love animals of every kind, we can’t allow for dogs (or other pets) to be onsite.

The location of our parks are home to both native and wild species. For the safety of our guests, employees, wildlife and pets, we do not allow pets of any kind (with the exception of official support animals) to visit our parks.


Due to the nature of our activities, all guests are advised to seek medical advice if in doubt of their capabilities to participate, especially in the case of pre-existing medical condition. Please note, pregnant women are unable to participate.

Our tree ropes courses can be physically challenging, and we recommend participation by individuals with an average to moderate level of fitness. All other activities are more suitable for individuals with an average fitness levels, who are able to walk up and down a flight of stairs unassisted.

The Zipline tour has not been designed for individuals with spinal conditions (including neck) or suffering from vertigo.

The Segway tour has not been designed for individuals with risk of osteoporotic fractures or where a fall may increase the severity of a pre-existing medical condition.

For your safety, you have the opportunity to disclose any pre-existing medical condition on your e-waiver form, to assist our team in ensuring you are still safe to participate.

We encourage you to speak to our team on the day if you have any concerns, and we will be happy to provide recommendations to help you enjoy your time.


We must follow each State’s requirements and Public Health orders to keep our parks up and running, and to keep everyone as safe as we can.

Updated COVID Terms and conditions can be found here.

Do you accept Companion or Concession Cards?

Concession rates are available to those who present valid Student, Seniors or Health cards*. Only the primary card holder is entitled to the concession rate. 

Student Cards
Valid for full-time students, over the age of 16+years.

Seniors Cards
For Australian residents issued with a government Seniors Card.

Health Cards
Valid Centrelink, Commonwealth Seniors Card.

*Please note Concession Tickets are not available for Segway Tours.

Companion Cards

We do our best to help everyone climb at Treetops Adventure. To participate you need to have an average to moderate level of fitness, and the ability to climb independently (under your own ability).

For this reason, Companion Cards are not accepted at Treetops Adventure.

The tree ropes courses and ziplines can be physically demanding. Our Safety rules require only one person per activity. Due to the nature of the activity or the length of the zipline, there may be occurrences where the companion or carer may be anywhere from 50m – 400m away from the person in their care and would not be able to physically assist them.

For Tree Ropes courses and Networld activities, companions and carers are able to supervise and verbally assist from the ground, free of charge.

For participants who do require assistance on the course, our instructors are well equipped to assist, or a hired instructor can be arranged for a more personalised service (at an additional fee).

If you have any questions, concerns, or anything you need to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 1300 432 001 to avoid disappointment on the day.


Adults are 18 yrs old and over. Legally we require Adults to supervise from the ground (although climbing is recommended) and only Adults can sign Digital Waivers for all Minors under the age of 18.

Grown-Up is our ticket name for ages 16 years and over. Grown-Ups 16 & 17 yrs old still require an Adult to be present onsite to supervise from the ground.


Treetops Adventure is a most-weather event and operates rain, hail or shine.

Full refunds and free reschedules are available outside 10 days of your booking.
Cancellations made between 2-10 days from the scheduled booking date will be entitled to a 50% refund or incur a 20% fee to reschedule.
Cancellations made within 0-2 days including no shows will forfeit the entire booking, with no refunds or rescheduling available.

In the event that Treetops Adventure cancels your session for any reason, you will be informed immediately. You will be entitled to ask for a full refund or to book a new date. In the instance you have already started your session and Treetops Adventure is forced to close the Park, you will be entitled to a new booking if you are less than halfway through the session.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Lockdown Cancellations
If the park if forced to close due to government restrictions, we will credit your booking. We will offer free rescheduling for all bookings taking place during the lockdown period.

Outside of the specified lockdown period, our regular cancellation policy will remain in place.