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News14 September 2023

Our WA family adventure in the trees!

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‘We’ve had half an eye on Treetops Adventure as something to do with our family, and were excited to finally plan a visit!

We headed over to WA for some sun and relaxation with our two kids, Oliver (3), and Chloe (1). As we were already heading south of Perth, we thought it would be a great break in our road trip and give the kids (and us) the chance to stretch our legs and enjoy some nature.

Treetops Adventure Dwellingup is relatively easy to find. If you’re coming from Bob’s Crossing, (along Nanga Road) make sure you turn left at the sign ‘Treetops Adventure’ and don’t go straight on. There is a gravel car park, which is only a short walk to the Reception Container. Orange arrows help lead the way along the path.

We booked in advance, which made check-in quick and easy, and opted for the Junior Express Session. They have the most adorable little helmet, gloves and harnesses which they suited him up in! So mini! After his short training session, we were off to the courses! There were two different courses he could try and Yellow and Orange Junior levels. They start for 3 yr olds and are suitable for kids up to the age of 7.

Our little guy was a little apprehensive at first, but the great thing about the Junior courses at Dwellingup is that they are pretty low for a ropes course, being only 2 meters high, meaning that my husband was right there to offer encouragement and reach up to help. I believe not all Junior courses at other locations are this low, but this park was perfect as first timer climbers. Heads up! Adults aren’t able to climb on these courses.

The pram access is really easy, with flat paths and tan bark, so you can easily follow the Junior courses around. It can get a little muddy when wet, so make sure you have decent shoes.

The best part about this whole experience were the smiles and the giggles! This was Oliver’s first visit and we didn’t know what to expect, so it was great to watch him come out of his shell, and even ask for more! I’m so proud!

Treetops Adventure Dwellingup is located within Lane Poole Reserve, so if you’re stopping by for a mountain bike or camping trip, there are lots of things to do around the area. There are also BBQ facilities and picnic areas within the reserve itself, so it’s great if you want to bring a packed lunch as well. If not, they actually have a little kiosk, where they serve hot drinks and some snacks. I grabbed a coffee, since it was a little chilly. Barista made and only $4! Not bad for the middle of nowhere.

The staff were really helpful and friendly. A big thanks Ryan for all your assistance and most importantly for making my coffee!

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary on your next holiday and have little ones, I would highly recommend Treetops Adventure Dwellingup and their Junior ropes courses! 

  • You’re outside all day, so make sure to bring warm clothing and wear proper shoes. You’re in the bush so it can get cold (we went in winter) and not all areas have gravel paths. So expect an outdoor adventure.
  • There are only eco toilets onsite.
  • Bring some snacks and plenty of water.
  • Ask the staff for help. There were a few times we got a little stuck, so make sure to reach out so they can help your little one to move along.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Express sessions are 1 hour of climbing, but you also have 30 minutes of harnessing and training before this. And Little ones can take longer to get into all their mini gear.’

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Article by Addison Tyler.