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News7 October 2021

Our Grafted Family

Treetops Adventure Central Coast9

We know you’ve been hearing through the grape vine that something new has been coming, and we’re excited to show you our little facelift!

Like how each ring of a tree shows its history and growth, we see this next evolution of our brand as the next ring in our story. We have taken the past learnings from all our brands and grafted them together to create a stronger representation of who we are as Australia’s leader in the adventure park industry.

We’re proud to have expanded the branches of our family tree, starting out with only one park over a decade ago, to now incorporating thirteen sites across Australia. We are now Australia’s Largest High Ropes and Zipline company and we’re ready to push ourselves to greater heights!

Our New Name
With the expansion of our branches (literally), we wanted original and future parks to come together as one family, united under one brand. What better way to do this than to merge our names, Trees Adventure and Treetops, to become, Treetops Adventure.

Our Logo – A Tree and Arrow
We are about going Onwards and Upwards amongst the treetops, and this self-explanatory icon embodies exactly what we do.

The Tree
Without the beauty of nature, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, and we love what we do. Tree ropes courses are in our roots, and we celebrate each varying course built amongst the stunning, natural forests and bush landscapes across Australia. From Mountain Ash to Blue Gums to Pine Trees and Eucalyptus, each of our sites is beautiful and unique.

The Arrow
Our treetop experiences are about helping people rediscover nature in a fun and safe way. We challenge them to go to the next level across the various types of treetop experiences we offer. We will also continue to grow in size, seeking out new locations to design, build and operate across the country.

We are grateful for the amazing teams we have onsite who we can rely on to deliver a 100% natural high to each and every customer who comes to our activities, whether it is their first climb or their tree-llionth!

Onwards and Upwards!