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Events21 June 2023

HeartKids, Superheroes & a whole lot of champions

HeartKids Header 2023

If you branched out to any of our Treetops Adventure parks on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of June, you would have spotted a few SUPER individuals, apart from our regular Treetops Team.

There was Spiderman swinging along the trails of Coffs Harbour, Superman soaring through Western Sydney Parklands, Batman and his trusty companions at St Ives Showgrounds, and Lady Hulk smashing her way through Next Level in Maroochydore!

So why did the superheroes emerge to play at Treetops Adventure?

For Hero for HeartKids Weekend, of course!

We, at Treetops Adventure, were so ex-tree-mely delighted to join forces with HeartKids for the third year in a row, to raise awareness and funds to support our local heroes โ€“ the children and families affected by congenital heart disease.

Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) is a lifelong condition, and unfortunately, there is currently no known cure. In Australia, CHD is the leading cause of death among babies under the age of one, with the heartbreaking loss of four little lives each week.

Sometimes, true superheroes live in the hearts of small kids, battling big challenges.

We wanted to send out a tree-mendous thank you to everyone who climbed, donated, and donned superhero themed outfit! We had 2,900 participants branch out over 2 days, across 14 different parks nationwide, and raised over $5,900 for HeartKids!

If you missed out this year, fret not โ€“ we’ll be sowing the seeds for the same event for 2024!

In the meantime, you can still make a donation to HeartKids today!

Onwards & Upwards!