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News13 March 2023

About Thyme! Exciting Updates

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When trees pass through seasons, they shed their leaves and their bark so they can expand and grow.

Like our beloved trees, we’re also changing to adjust to our rapidly evolving season. Based on long-standing customer feedback received, we’ve chosen to make these changes to make our adventure activities more accessible to more Treetoppers! These updates are coming into effect from 14th March 2023.

So, what’s changing?

Ticketed Age Groups & Supervision

Ages 16+ years will be able to supervise children 8-15 yrs old on the course without an Adult participating! Adult climbing supervision is still highly recommended BUT this update gives more freedom for older siblings and family members to assist and climb on the courses as a climbing supervisor, whilst Adults can keep their feet on the ground.

NEW* Grown-Up (16+ years old): Customers aged 16 years and above will now be considered as a ‘Grown-Up’ and will need to purchase a Grown-Up ticket. Onsite Adult supervision is still required from the ground for 16 – to 17 year olds.

NEW* Child (11-15 yrs old): Customers aged 11 to 15 years will now only need an Adult to supervise from the ground, although climbing (and joining in on the fun) is highly recommended.

NEW* Child (8-10 yrs old): Customers aged 8 to 10 years will require a participating Grown-Up to climb with and actively supervise them on the course at a ratio of 1 Grown-Up to 4 Children.

Unable to climb with your 8-10 yr old? Our KidZip product is now solely for climbers 8-10 years old! Our instructors climb with your child in a group of peers. This new, smaller age group should reduce group sizes and enable kids to climb with other kids who are closer to their age and abilities.

All climbers under 18 years old will still need an Adult (18+) onsite and supervising from the ground and all Digital Waivers must still be signed by an Adult (18yrs+).

Junior (3-7 yrs old): No changes for this age group. Adult supervision is required from the ground only.

You can read our updated Terms and Conditions here.

Please note these changes do not affect Hollybank or Cape Tribulation locations at this time.

Introducing Height Recommendations

Tree Ropes Courses have been designed for participants aged 3 years and over. But we know that each Treetopper is a different height, so we’ve mapped out some height recommendations to help guide our Treetoppers to which courses are more suitable for them!

While we do not have a height requirement for participation, we recommend checking our minimum reaching height guide for each park. This will be a sign located at each Treetops Adventure Park Reception or Home Tree.

Reaching height measurements should be taken with flat feet on the ground to the middle of the palms, while arms are stretched up above the participant’s head.

If a participant’s reach is less than the minimum reaching height, we strongly recommend booking an additional person, who exceeds the minimum reaching height, to climb together and assist them on the course.

For the Junior Yellow and Orange courses, the additional person can only be another Junior. There is no Adult or Grown-Up access on these courses, due to lower course height.

NEW* Height recommendations per course colour are as follows. 

  •       Junior – Yellow: 3-7 years old and 120cm tall
  •       Junior Pro – Orange: 3-7 years old and 120cm tall
  •       Beginner/Intermediate – Green/Blue: 8+ and 145 cm tall
  •       Advanced – Red: 10+ and 155 cm tall
  •       Expert – Black: 13+ and 170 cm tall

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We continue to remain grateful for our awesome Treetoppers who keep returning to us each year! We wouldn’t be running our Treetops Adventures without your continued support!

Onwards & Upwards!

Still getting to grips with the changes? Check out our FAQs below.

What’s the difference between an Adult and a Grown-Up?
Adults are 18 yrs old and over. Legally we require Adults to supervise from the ground (although climbing is recommended) and only Adults can sign Digital Waivers for all Minors under the age of 18. Grown-Up is our ticket name for ages 16 years and over. Grown-Ups 16 & 17 yrs old still require an Adult to be present onsite to supervise from the ground.

Do I need to pay to be an Adult supervisor if I’m not climbing?
No. Ground Supervision does not require a ticket. Only participants who are climbing require a paid ticket.

What if I have made a booking with the existing age groups?
These changes will affect all NEW bookings made from Tuesday the 14th of March onwards and will not affect any bookings made prior to this time.

What if I don’t meet the height recommendation?
No worries. It’s a recommendation, not a requirement. If a participant’s reach is less than the minimum reaching height, we strongly recommend booking an additional person, who exceeds the minimum reaching height, to climb together and assist them on the course. Please note this is not applicable to Junior (Yellow or Orange) Courses, where there is strictly no access for Adults and Grown-Ups due to low course heights.