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Western Sydney – Abbotsbury

A Parklands Playground

At the furthest most tip of Western Sydney Parklands, you’ll find an outdoor adventure waiting for you! Flex your adventurous spirit and test yourself mentally and physically across 100+ aerial obstacles on our Tree Ropes Courses or experience Australia’s fastest Zipcoaster!

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3 to 75 years? newbie or ninja?
We’ve got a course to challenge you

A 2.5-hour session through the aerial challenges (including gearing up) will have you laughing along with the Kookaburras. After safety, your adrenaline is our top priority, so our courses are designed to challenge you, no matter what level you’re at.

Course heights range from 1-4m high for Junior Courses, and 5-10m high for Tree Ropes Courses.

Bookings are essential.

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4 Junior Courses

4 Tree Ropes Courses

Zipcoaster Xpress

100+ aerial challenges

23 Ziplines

Tree ropes courses

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Treetops Adventure Western Sydney has 4 Junior Courses & 4 Tree Ropes Courses to choose from, each packed with thrilling aerial activities amongst the blue gums. You might already know what challenge you’d be up for; or you can ask our experienced team on arrival.

Maximum weight 120kg.


Onsite Adult supervision required for 16 & 17 yr olds
Valid ID is required
Child (8-15 yrs)
Supervision ratios apply. See below.
Junior (3-7 yrs)
Supervision ratios apply. See below.
Family Discount
2 Grown-Ups & 2 Children (8-15 yrs)


To help keep all our participants safe, it is important that we have Adult supervision for each age group. A ticket is required for all climbing supervisors. Adults supervising from the ground only do not require a ticket. Please see our supervision requirements below.

Supervision Type
Child (11-15 yrs)
1 : 15
Climbing Optional
Child (8-10 yrs)
1 : 4
Climbing Required
Junior (3-7 yrs)
No Grown-Up/Adult access on Junior & Junior Pro courses
1 : 4
Ground Only


Tree Ropes Courses have been designed for participants aged 3 years and over.

While we do not have a height requirement for participation, we recommend checking our minimum reaching height guide for each park. 

Please see our minimum reaching height guide per course below.

3–7 yrs

2 Courses | 120 cm

Junior Pro
3–7 yrs

2 Courses | 120 cm

8+ yrs

1 Course | 145 cm

8+ yrs

1 Course | 145 cm

10+ yrs

1 Course | 155 cm

13+ yrs

1 Course | 170 cm

Zipcoaster Xpress

Ramp up the ‘wow’ factor as you swoop, twist, turn and zig zag on Australia’s fastest Zipcoaster! Zoom around the 500m long Xpress which features two adrenalin pumping 360-degree loops, a stomach-churning drop and many more twists and turns! How many flights can you fit in 1-hour?

Minimum age 8yrs.
Minimum weight 25kg- Maximum weight 120kg.

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Child (8-15)
Family Discount
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How Do I Book?

Secure your booking online by selecting ‘Book Now’. Payment is required at time of booking.

Looking for a Combo Adventure? Get 20% OFF your total booking when you book an extra activity!

  1. Select your First Activity
  2. Choose your number of participants
  3. Add your Second Activity (participant numbers and segments must be the same)
  4. Choose your Session Time for Activity 1
  5. Choose your Session Time for Activity 2
  6. Save and Continue to enter your contact details and make payment

Each participant will be required to complete a digital waiver prior to arrival. You will received a confirmation booking email, and a separate waiver email. Please ensure that all participants have their waiver form completed prior to arrival.

Pre-bookings are essential, especially during school & public holidays.

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Onwards & Upwards
Above & Beyond
Onwards & Upwards


School Term
Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9am – 5pm

School & Public Holidays
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Closed Christmas Day & New Years Day

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