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Zipline Adventures

Experience Australia’s #1 ranked zipline adventure park

Come and experience Australia’s #1 ranked Ziplining Canopy Tours with Treetops Adventure. Join our friendly staff at one of our 15 parks Australia wide and go sailing through the trees. We want everyone to be able to experience ziplining, so our courses can cater for the whole family, starting from 3yrs and leading up to 75 yrs+.

Operating since 2010, we have had over 2 million visitors, across 15 different locations Australia-wide, clamber through the treetops, zipline over the canopies and bounce into the air!

Our zipline & tree ropes courses are constructed from environmentally-friendly platforms that are nestled around tree trunks, enabling the native trees to continue their development and growth. We strive to maintain minimal impact on the environment at all our park locations and work with government and private bodies to keep ourselves accountable.

Find your nearest park and book your zipline tour or treetops adventure today: