Treetops Adventure Yarramundi High Ropes Course Treetops Adventure Yarramundi High Ropes Course


Foothills of the Blue Mountains

Soar through the treetops at the foothills of the Blue Mountains on an array of flying foxes, tight ropes and tunnels! Treetops Adventure Yarramundi is located only 20 minutes from Penrith and boasts 10 long tree ropes courses, 80+ aerial challenges and 15 ziplines suspended along the Grose River.

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School Term
Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm

School & Public Holidays
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Closed Christmas Day & New Years Day

3 to 75 years? newbie or ninja?
We’ve got a course to challenge you

A 2.5-hour session through the aerial challenges (including gearing up) will have you laughing along with the kookaburras. After safety, your adrenaline is our top priority, so our courses are designed to challenge you, no matter what level you’re at.

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10 Tree Ropes Courses

80+ Aerial Challenges

15 Ziplines

Longest Zipline 100M

Tree ropes courses

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Treetops Adventure Yarramundi has 10 tree ropes courses to choose from, starting with easy aerial challenges and leaping up to expert courses amongst the blue gums. It’s no tall tale how high you’ll reach and you can choose how high you want to go! You might already know what challenge you’d be up for; or you can ask our experienced team on arrival.


Valid ID is required
Child (8-17 yrs)
Supervision ratios apply. See below.
Junior (3-7 yrs)
Supervision ratios apply. See below.


To help keep all our participants safe, it is important that we have Grown-Up supervision for each age group.

Tickets are required for Grown-Ups, who will be climbing as Course Supervisors. Tickets are not required for Ground Supervisors.
Supervision Type
Child (13-17 yrs)
1 Adult : 15 Children
Ground Only
Child (8-12 yrs)
1 Adult : 4 Children
Course Only
Junior (3-7 yrs)
No Grown-Up access on Junior & Junior Pro courses
1 Adult : 4 Juniors
Ground Only

3–7 yrs

2 Courses

8+ yrs

2 Courses

8+ yrs

2 Courses

10+ yrs

2 Courses

13+ yrs

2 Courses

How Do I Book?

Secure your booking online by selecting ‘Book Now’. Payment is required at time of booking.

Each participant will be required to complete a digital waiver prior to arrival. You will received a confirmation booking email, and a separate waiver email. Please ensure that all participants have their waiver form completed prior to arrival.

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Above & Beyond
Onwards & Upwards
Above & Beyond
Onwards & Upwards

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Picnic area. Markets open on Saturdays